SHEBANG, a sketch comedy show / my senior thesis.

Written and produced by myself, Rachel Lager-Smith, Emily Brown, Olivia Sanabria, Lydia Utter, and Tatiana Isabel Gil. Directed by Emily Brown. Video by Collin Bell, Kathryn Herz, and Joe Piro.

Promo for Boston University Senior Showcase.

Produced by Melissa Flowers and David J. Castillo.


TRL, "Drake's Biggest Fan"

Is it a Hallmark card or a Drake lyric? In honor of Drizzy's birthday, Gabbie Hanna puts Drake fans Vassileia and Cartea to the test in a game of 'Prove That Ish'. Aired on MTV's TRL 10/24/17.


INSTAGRAM: @vassileiafoxy



Promo for a Boston University Fundraiser

Directed, edited and starring Vassileia Kazee. Shot by Joe Piro.

Small Change

Directed and Produced by Kaley Roberts.

Promo for a Boston University Fundraiser 

Directed, edited and starring Vassileia Kazee. Shot by Izzy Dahlke.

Doody Calls

Directed and Produced by Charlotte Pawley and Joe PIro